Week of October 7-11, 2019

*Reminder:  Party money is due. ($6.00)
Monday (Day 6)
·         Reading:  Work on Reading Log;  Study Vocabulary words;  Review Main Idea;  Test Thursday

Tuesday (Day 7)
·         Book Fair Shopping
·         Spelling:  Study words and do ws;  Test tomorrow on list words
·         Phonics:  Test tomorrow;  Practice reading words with consonant blends
·         Reading:  Do WS

Wednesday (Day 8)
·         Math – Worksheet
·         Reading – Practice Fluency Passage;  Study vocab.  Test tomorrow on Main Idea and Vocab.

Thursday (Day 1)
·         Grammar – do ws
·         Reading – work on reading log

Friday (Day 2)
·         No Homework;  Have a great weekend!
·         Half Day – Noon Dismissal (No Breakfast served)


Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2019

Monday (Day 1-Gym)
·         Reading:  Study vocabulary words;  comprehension and vocab. test are tomorrow
·         Grammar:  quiz tomorrow; review subjects and predicates

Tuesday (Day 2-Music) (Team Day)
·         Book orders are due, if interested.
·         Math:  Test Wednesday;  Review pgs in folder
·         Spelling:  Write new words 2x each

Wednesday (Day 3 -Library) (Western Day)
·         Reading:  Practice fluency passage;  Study new vocab. words

Thursday (Day 4 - Art) (“Throwback Thursday”)
·         Spelling:  Choose 5 words to write in sentences.  Be sure to use capitals, periods, and underline the spelling word.

Friday (Day 5-Gym) (Red, White, & Blue )
·         No Homework;  Have a great weekend!
·         Homecoming Pep Rally! GO SPARTANS!!


Week of Sept. 23-27, 2019

Monday (Day 4-Art)
·         Reading:  Study new vocab words.  Read “Ike and Ace” 3x for fluency.  Return it to school.
·         Social Studies – Quiz Wed. on Communities;  Please begin reviewing items sent in folder

Tuesday (Day 5-Gym)
·         Math:  ws (Least to greatest)
·         Spelling:  Study words;  test Thurs.
·         S.Studies – Rev. for Test Tomorrow

Wednesday (Day 6 – Music)
·         Grammar:  WS
·         Spelling:  Rainbow Write words;  Test tomorrow on long vowel words with sneaky ‘e’

Thursday (Day 7- Computers)
·         Spelling:  Study words;  Test tomorrow
·         Reading:  Practice Fluency Passage;  Phonics quiz tomorrow (long vowels)
·         Grammar:  quiz tomorrow on subjects & predicates

Friday (Day 8 – Art)
·         No Homework;  Have a great weekend!
·         Reward Day for grade 2


Week of Sept. 16-20, 2019

Monday (Day 7-Computers)
·         Reading:  Review short vowels;  Phonics quiz tomorrow
·         Grammar:  Quiz tomorrow on complete sentences & using capitals and periods

Tuesday (Day 8-Art)
·         Reading:  Study vocabulary and review  setting;  Tests tomorrow on vocab. and comprehension
·         Read passage and do Reading Log pg.

Wednesday (Day 1 – Gym)
·         Spelling:  See pretest;  study new list of words (long vowels)
·         Math:  ws

Thursday (Day 2- Music)
·         Reading:  Practice Fluency passage

Friday (Day 3 – Library Books needed)
·         No Homework;  Have a great weekend!


Week of September 9-13, 2019

·        Reading:  Practice Decodable Reader, “What’s in the Sack?” 3x.  Please sign it and return it to school.  Review new vocabulary words (in folder).

Tuesday (School Picture Day)
·        Grammar:  Sentences WS

·        Spelling:  Write spelling words 2x each.  Trace the short vowel in red in each word.  TEST tomorrow.

·        Study Reading Vocabulary words;  Read for 15 minutes. 
·        Math:  Do WS

·        No Homework;  Have a great weekend!


Week of August 26-30, 2019

No Homework this week. 

I have enjoyed getting to know all of my new students and their unique personalities!!  Thank you so much for a great start to the school year.
Here are a few reminders:

  • All back to school forms are due Friday.
  • Book orders (if interested) are due next Wednesday, Sept. 4th.
  • Please review all classroom/school rules that were sent home with students.
Remember:  There is NO SCHOOL on Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.  School will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.  Have a great weekend!


Week of May 20-24, 2019

Homework:  5/20-5/24
Monday (Day 10)
·        Reading:  Read for 15 minutes.

Tuesday (Spartan Games –dress down)
·        Math:  Review Study sheet;  Test Friday on Geometry Topic
·        S.Studies:  Review study sheet;  Test Friday on continents, oceans, and landforms

Wednesday (Kick Butts Day – dress down)
·        Reading:  Read “Red, White, & Blue” story
·        Math:  Study Guide Review
·        S.Studies:  Study Guide Review

·        Reading:  Read for 15 minutes.
·        Math:  Test tomorrow on Geometry (study guide review)
·        S.Studies:  Test tomorrow (review study guide)

Friday ( Ice cream party from basket auction)
·        No Homework;  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.  See you Tuesday!